Abigail & Mateusz Laskowscy

We are very pleased with Ania’s work and its result. We had always associated a wedding photographer with someone importunate who forces the camera on people and makes them pose unnaturally. Fortunately, Ania has cured us of this type of thinking. She becomes almost invisible while working and is able to capture the most precious moments of the ceremony, reception and photo shoot. We, as well as our wedding guests, were absolutely delighted with her. We go back to our wedding album with utmost pleasure, as Ania’s photos perfectly convey the emotions we were filled with on that special day.


Marta & Krzysztof

We’re deeply grateful for the time you devoted to us, your commitment and professionalism. The album came as a pleasant surprise to us: the quality and design were impeccable in minute detail. We had been a bit anxious that the awareness of a photographer’s constant presence would make us unnatural and stressed at all time. Thanks to you, Ania, we were completely oblivious of the reportage being made.  You did a fantastic job dealing with weather or lighting adversities. Being flexible and attentive to our personal suggestions was a huge advantage of our cooperation. Thank you, kindest regards!


Marta & Piotrek

We’d like to share our impressions of the outdoor photo shoot that took place in October. It was a true pleasure to cooperate with Ania Gnyś, and the result of the shoot – the photos – was a huge surprise. A positive one, obviously The atmosphere during the shoot was truly awesome, thanks to which we have obtained an amazing memento in the form of natural (both funny and romantic) photographs. We have also acknowledged Ania’s flexibility and interesting ideas. We recommend her services to everyone in need of an absolutely best-quality wedding memento. We will definitely use Ania’s talent and skills to capture other important moments of our life.


Ewelina & Grzegorz

We often reach for our wedding album. We can relive our special day 7 days a week and 365 days a year thanks to this precious keepsake. Ania, you have managed to capture all the emotions that we were filled with that day. The ceremony photos, as well as the ones taken at the photo shoot, are absolutely beautiful.  Thank you so much Ania!


Alicja & Tomasz Marusiak

Extensive photographic service and exceptional photos. Ania Gnyś took our photos in August. The wedding photographs are original and out of the ordinary. They have captured the most important moments of the ceremony and paid special attention to detail and transience of the moment. Proper wedding photography is one that conveys all the memories in such a way that makes you reach for the pictures frequently and with sheer pleasure. It makes up for a precious memento that one will enjoy for many years. Ania’s photos convey everything we were looking for: atmosphere, pride, beauty. They are extremely valuable to us, absolutely extraordinary. We truly recommend Ania, as she is a true professional who knows her craft. Success and all the best!


Dorota & Tomek

Our wedding photo shoot taken by Ania exceeded our wildest expectations. The photos made a huge impression on us. The quality of the album photos is impeccable. But above all, Ania’s pleasant presence did not make us feel nervous or awkward at all. Ania, thank you so much for the most precious memento of Our Life.


Lidka & Krzysiek

Hello. We got married in July and Ania Gnyś was our photographer. We had chosen her services after browsing through her website. We can truly recommend her services to everyone! Ania brims with energy, has brilliant ideas and knows interesting locations. She’s extremely outgoing and, crucially, the photos are absolutely beautiful and of prime-quality. We’ve been truly pleased with her services. If you’re seeking a professional photographer, cooperation with whom is sheer pleasure, choose Ania!


Sabina & Wojciech Kozłowscy

Photographs capture special moments and make them last longer than memories. We have encountered Ania Gnyś by accident. However, having cooperated with her, we are absolutely sure that we couldn’t have chosen better. She’s open to new ideas and challenges, and always listens intentionally to what the photographed couple have to say.  During the shoot she acts as a partner who never forces her ideas upon the couple, merely makes gentle suggestions and patiently tries to live up to her clients’ expectations. As an extremely apt observer she skillfully spots  interesting situations and she’s great at capturing them. The thing that strikes us the most in Ania’s pictures is the fact that they are full of expression, often have the element of surprise, and one usually finds them to be a mixture of two universes  – the mundane one, and the unique.


Gosia & Kamil Bielak

Highly recommended! Ania Gnyś is sheer professionalism, great cooperation that results in exquisite photos and openness to any suggestion.  She was able to blend in the crowd during the wedding reception so that some of the guests were completely unaware of being photographed. Thanks to that the photos came out so fun – no unnatural faces and fake poses. Pictures form the ceremony as well as from the shoot are lovely, absolutely fairy-like.  You wish to relive those moments while watching them. Ania is an extremely energetic person, full of ideas. She will take you to places that you would never expect to exist in your vicinity, and the photos will be brilliantly creative, far from ordinary portraits. We would like to recommend Ania’s services to those who value professionalism and pleasant atmosphere while working. We will definitely go back to those shots with a smile on our faces and recollect our cooperation. Again, thank you so much!